Two More Reasons Chris Christie’s Selfishness is Ruining America

Published on June 9, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 5.33.52 PMFor anyone who doesn’t yet think that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s selfishness is ruining America, here are another two stories to add to the evidence room.

No, we’re not talking about Christie’s throwing Mitt Romney under the bus for a photo op with President Barack Obama and a Bruce Springsteen shoutout. We’re not even talking about Christie’s getting a stomach staple and pretending he did it for his family. We’re talking about Christie’s smashing Republican hopes for the Senate — twice — so he could improve his brand for a presidential run. That he isn’t going to win anyway. Because he’s a selfish jerk. (BEDFORD: Why Chris Christie won’t win the presidency in 2016)

First, what’s going on: New Jersey is a deep blue state that is very hard to win for the GOP. But two things are in play here: 1) Decades of single-party rule have left the Garden State a dump, and the Democrats’ brand is hurting so badly that they have a Republican governor; and 2) Christie, that very Republican governor, is so popular that the Obama doesn’t even want to hang out with his opponent.

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