Unions for Gang of Eight’s Immigration Reform — ie, Amnesty!

Written by Ron Collins on June 25, 2013

From the mouths of the union leaders themselves; “we need to co-opt them”; “bring them into our ranks”; “strengthen our union”; this is the solution to the angst between union and the “rat” employees. It factually doesn’t matter the skill and ability they possess as long as they possess the means to supply the monthly dues and don’t complain too much about the additional funds withdrawn from their pay. Funds that really have no solid explanation, only that they are in the workers best interest. Even if this is a detriment to the current working members, the union leaders sell it as strengthening our union. The reality is it is only an attempt to line the pockets of the fat cats in the long leather coats and fancy cars that only care about you. I said this wasn’t a pro vs. con union piece yet I ramble on about it.

While I lack the resources to search out the backers of this monstrosity that is about to burden us with more debt and increased welfare roles, I would encourage anyone with those skills to dig a little deeper and I bet you’ll find a union. After all, as Rush put it, this is really a gang of nine bill with 0bama pulling the strings of the eight. I’m thinking the unions may be pulling some of 0bamas strings on this one. Magic eight-ball says: all signs point to “yes”.

But as Dear Leader keeps reminding us, “were a nation of laws and immigrants”. Let me add were also a nation of underhanded baloney, bills no one reads before voting on them, union thuggery, liberal mental disorder, and crony capitalism.

Image:author: Jonathan McIntosh; Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license

Tags: Gang of Eight, Immigration Reform, Amnesty, Union, Marco Rubio

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