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Young Dad Gets Face Cut by “Asian Youths” (Or Muslims, as I Like to Call Them)

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.04.52 AMCD – This incident occured in 2010 but we’ve spotlighted it now to show our readers how gently the press posits Muslims when they do something horrific.

A young father was slashed across the face as his five-year-old son looked on in what claimed was a random ‘anti-white’ revenge attack sparked by the murder of an Asian teenager.

Reece Johnson told how he and his son, Tyrel, were walking with Mr Johnson’s girlfriend when a mob of 20 Asian youths surrounded him.

He claims one of the youths said, ‘Your lot killed one of ours’, before he was set upon.

The attack ended when one of the gang sliced open his left cheek with a craft knife.

As Tyrel screamed in horror, his father was left reeling with a giant gaping wound in his face which later needed 68 stitches.

Police are investigating whether the attack was sparked by the murder of student Saffer Khan, 19, by two white youths in the same area more than two years ago.

Mr Johnson, a labourer from Great Lever, near Bolton, today said: ‘My face is a mess but the fact is I’m very lucky to be alive.

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Compare to this story below about the “Asian Youths“:

Young Mr Johnson will be left with a gigantic scar across his face and his 5 year old son, Tyrel, is traumatised from watching his father being brutally attacked and slashed.

So what was the supposed motive for this heinous violent attack? The excuse – and you know that law enforcement and judges will always give muslims an “excuse”for criminal behaviours, was revenge for a 2007 attack by 2 white teens that resulted in a death of a muslim man. Both assailants are now serving time for the crime.

Mr Johnson had nothing to do with that incident.

A clear sign of the cowardly nature of these racist, Kuffarophobic muslim thugs is they only attack is when they are in much greater numbers than the victims. This muslim gang proceeded to exact their racist, vigilante wrath onto the innocent Reece Johnson.

“They were saying “your lot killed one of ours” meaning white people killed an Asian lad.

‘One of the guys was acting aggressively and the group was swearing and hurling racist abuse. They were very racist.

‘I saw one of them in front of me with a small hand knife and I was watching him. But then another lad came at the side of me and punched me and that’s when I was slashed.”

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