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News Clash

AMNESTY FOR PERVERTS: Two Men Arrested After Offering Teen $30 for Sex

Two Orem men were arrested after the quick thinking of two teens and their father.

According to the Orem Department of Public Safety two sisters, ages 14 and 16, were walking near 880 N. State St. in Orem Wednesday afternoon when a Hispanic man pulled alongside them and asked if they needed money. He handed the girls $5 and a phone number and told them to call if they wanted more money.

The girls told their father about what had happened and he had the older of the girls call the number. The man who answered offered the girl $30 to have sex with him and said he had a friend he would like to bring with him.

When the father called police detectives from the Orem Police Department set up a sting to catch the suspects. Lt. Craig Martinez with the Orem Department of Public Safety said it took several hours to set up the sting but that the men agreed to meet the girls and bring $30 and some condoms. The two girls met with the men at Orem Junior High School and when the suspects arrived they were arrested.

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