DA NILE’S A RIVER IN AFRICA: Trayvon’s Mom Blames Gun Laws for Saint Tray’s Death

Published on July 28, 2013

The anti-gun community has certainly used the Zimmerman verdict to push their agenda.

And now, Trayvon Martin’s parents are jumping on the bandwagon too.

Trayvon’s mother is actually blaming gun laws for the death of her son (even though Zimmerman did not even use the “stand your ground” laws as defense).

As reported by CNN:

“Wrap your mind around no prom for Trayvon, no high school graduation for Trayvon … all because of a law — a law that has prevented the person who shot and killed my son” from paying “for this awful crime,” Sybrina Fulton said Friday afternoon at the National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia.

Again, Fulton fails to acknowledge that stand your ground laws were NOT used as a defense in this case.

Still, the case has caused many democrats to complain about the laws. Stand your ground laws allow individuals to use deadly force for self defense when they feel their life is in danger.

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