Leading the Charge — New Christian Leaders on the Battlefront

Written by Wes Walker on July 10, 2013

Where are the Christian leaders today who will stand toe-to-toe with its leading critics?  Who will answer the challenge to enter the culture war that Francis Schaeffer gave us a generation ago?

We already have them.  They may not get the same press that their secular counterparts might generate, but bold, articulate, educated Christian leaders are not on the decline, but on the rise.

Even if the Church is too heavily peppered with anti-intellectual, self-absorbed and morally objectionable quislings, there has been a surge among Christians who aren’t content with “blind faith” and unstable emotionalism.  They went looking for a robust faith that can tackle hard questions from their critics, and found it.  They are also learning how to poke holes in the weak spots of their critics’ own assumptions about life and the world.

One guy leading by example, and teaching others how to do the same is William Lane Craig.

Besides being a professor, he writes and debates extensively, has his “Reasonable Faith” blog and podcast. Sam Harris opened his debate with Dr .Craig by saying Craig was “the one Christian apologist who is able to put the fear of God in many of [his] fellow atheists.”  And the “Common Sense Atheism” blog says he’s “not the only [atheist] who thinks Dr. Craig has won nearly all his debates.  For some atheists, it’s rather maddening.”

Here is a link to a very good article introducing something about Dr. Craig, his history, his work, and something about how he and others are equipping the new generation of Christians to be effective witnesses for the Risen Christ.