Benghazi, etc.: Are Obama’s Actions Those of a Tyrant?

Written by John Kirkwood on August 8, 2013

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
– Euripides, Orestes

Raised and praised by Marxists, Barack Obama sought them out for friendship and mentoring in college. He taught Alinsky Marxism at ACORN and he appoints them as czars and consultants as President. Five years into Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of our country, the President finds no opposition party, a complicit press-corps, and a panoply of “conservative pundits” who look and sound more like the Lords of Scotland’s betrayal than they do William Wallace.

If the future of this country depends on the strength and integrity of Krauthammer, O’Reilly, Fox News and the National Review, we are of all men most miserable – lest of course, the determined, ambitious, ruthless, Machiavellian Alinskyites in the other corner will be intimidated into surrender by our champions’ campaign of “kvetch and retreat.”

The above are all recommending that the Republicans just go along with Obamacare now and not defund it, which is like saying that Thelma and Louise are already driving so sit back and enjoy the ride. Underwhelming is one word that comes to mind, at least the one that won’t get red-lined by my editor. Even Victor Davis Hanson in his column, “Obama’s Watergates,” will only go as far as calling Obama – “Nixonian to the core.” As if the comparison to a third rate burglary and its messy cover-up is the moral equivalent to perpetrating a fraud to overthrow the 2nd Amendment with “Fast & Furious” and allowing heroes to die to cover your phony Arab Spring in Benghazi.

Don’t waste your time hoping for impeachment or indictment. The sheriff of Nottingham won’t bring King John to justice. Forget about the press, they’re not going to “vet” him; the Senate will not try him and the Republicans will not oppose or even challenge him. “We the People” must rise up. We must hold them all accountable.

I know it’s hard but let’s forget, for the sake of argument, all of the high crimes and misdemeanors that the President has committed to this point; at least the ones that we know about. Aside from targeting political enemies with the IRS and using NSA wiretapping against American citizens, including the President’s perceived enemies in the press; let us for one moment concentrate on Benghazi.

Americans needed help and begged for it. Help was there, ready and willing, but was called off. Commanders who disagreed, including multiple generals and at least one admiral, have been forced to retire or resign. Witnesses on the ground have been threatened if they come forward. Their families have been threatened. I’m sorry, but American Presidents don’t do that to American heroes. The syndicate does. The mob would. Chicago thugs do. And so do tyrants.

This is not “soft” tyranny, this is not coercion, this is extortion. Incessant polygraphing of CIA agents, hiding witnesses around the country, putting them into a witness, protection-like system to avoid congressional oversight and to prevent the truth coming out is beyond an impeachable act. It is beyond the “soft” despotism that but a few whisper about. This is tyranny!

And who is talking about it? Oh, I know why the big box talkers won’t go there – they don’t want to lose GOLDLINE and SELECT COMFORT and they’re in the game to count how many markets that they’re syndicated in; but what of our representatives? What of the editorial boards and the bravery of our university professors? When they should already be biting, the watchdogs of freedom have lost their bark. The lapdogs are heeling and playing dead. Time to get off the porch, patriots!

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