HATE CRIME?: Black ESPN Presenter Calls Black Co-Host, ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘House N*gger’

Published on August 7, 2013

ESPN presenters Michael Smith and Hugh Douglas nearly came to blows Friday during a heated argument that involved racial slurs, according to reports.

The two men, who co-host the show ‘Numbers Never Lie’ along with Jemele Hill, were attending a Sports Task Force party at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, when an inebriated Douglas attempted to take the stage, but was stopped by Smith.

According to those who attended the event, Douglas reacted by hurling racially charged insults at his colleague and nearly hitting him.

The story was first reported by The Big Lead, whose sources described the incident during Friday’s VIP charity event organized by the National Association of Black Journalists convention as ‘very ugly.’

According to the website, Douglas, a 6-foot-2, 280-pound former defensive lineman, and his colleague, who is significally smaller in build, had to be separated by security and other party-goers.

The site Deadspin shed more light on the dust-up in Orlando, revealing today that Douglas had been drinking heavily, and Smith allegedly tried to keep him from speaking out.

Minutes later, the enraged former Philadelphia Eagles player allegedly called his co-host ‘Uncle Tom’ and a ‘house n*****.’ Both Smith and Douglas are African-American.   

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