MILEY SYPHILIS: Billy Ray Screwed Up Letting Miley Get Into Showbiz

I bet if Billy Ray Cyrus had it to do all over again that he would not have let Miley get into showbiz and would rather have had a sane, sober and safe offspring rather than millions of dollars and a daughter who imitates the grungiest of pirate hookers.

Now, I’m not here to beat up on Billy Ray, but Billy … what were you thinkin’, brother? You let hellish Hollywood run your life and your kid’s life. What did you think was going to happen? Those diphthongs in Tinsel Town don’t give two flips whether or not you and your kid live or die as long as their checks clear. Therefore, as you well know by now, they’ll push your kid and others to take kiddie porn pics, grind a pole at a Teen Choice award, shack up with a Justin Timberlake wannabe for PR, twerk in a camera lens and rub Robin Thicke’s penis on stage if it’ll bank them some Benjamins.

I hope all fathers far and wide learn the serious moral of the Miley story.  Here’s my gleanings from beholding this train wreck.

1. Fame is BS. You can have it one year and be a drunken alley cat the next. So when it comes to your kids, focus on longevity, character, excellence, righteousness and true grit. True success is the business of greatness.  Anyone can hump a pole.

2. If you, parent, put your little kid into the entertainment industry then you’re a sick dog.

3. Trust no one who says they’re “here to help you and your kid’s career.”

4. If anyone tries to put a wedge between you and your child, kick his or her ass.

5. Go online and show your kids what STDs look like when they’ve taken root in a promiscuous body. That’s a shocker.

Doug Giles

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