The Great Challenge: Maintaining American Freedom

Written by R.G. Yoho on August 19, 2013

Freedom doesn’t stack the deck so that certain ones among us are assured to receive the best hand. The cards of freedom are not numbered and stacked in anyone’s favor.

And although our outcomes — and our incomes — may vary, the opportunities afforded to each one of our citizens are equal in America. But the various destinations we reach are directly related to the paths which we choose for ourselves and detours we make along the journey.

Those who wisely choose their paths through this life will often enjoy greater success than those who wander aimlessly.
That is freedom’s reward.

Freedom requires citizens to provide for their own welfare. It requires them to provide for their spouse and the other souls they bring into this world.

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Freedom doesn’t offer the man a fish, but it always points his way to the stream.

Freedom is not sustained apart from vigilance. Moreover, each one who values freedom must take his/her turn upon the wall. We must always be on guard for apathy and ignorance, which are freedom’s greatest threats.

Like a muscle, freedom becomes strong and vibrant when it is exercised properly. But when it is neglected, freedom quickly loses much of its resilience.

Freedom is much like the mortgage you carry on your home. You can live there as long as you choose, but not without a price. Freedom is yours to keep, just so long as you’re willing to make the payments.

Freedom is all these things and many more. And I believe it is good for each one of us to take the time to reflect on its meaning and to thank God for the blessing it has been to each of our lives.

It is important to remember that the earth is not fragile, but freedom is.

The seeds of freedom are sown in the midst of tyranny. They are watered in sacrifice. They are cultivated through responsibility. They are harvested in achievement.

And their fruits are available to every single American.

Image: Lexington Minuteman Statue – Henry Kitson (1900); author: Bostonian13; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”


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