George Zimmerman Now Using Chemical Weapons Against His Own People

Written by Donald Joy on September 11, 2013

Sometimes, extreme pressure to “go over to the dark side” wins out.  No, I’m not saying Mr. Zimmerman went over–but you’re very close.

As for the headline of this article, you have to read down to the end for a clear explanation.

With the likes of Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin appearing to have come out on top due to the way they’ve deftly played the bumbling Barry Obama and John Kerry over Syria-gate, the administration and its media agents needed a new distraction.

Enter Shellie Zimmerman, fresh from her recent negotiations with ABC News for her soon-to-be-ex-husband-bashing interview from last week, and for whatever else she may have agreed to & coordinated behind closed doors.

Surely you remember ABC News, that powerhouse of left-wing propaganda and outright deception, known for (among other things) their infamous digital manipulation of police-station video in order to conceal George Zimmerman’s injuries on the night of February 26th, 2012–and also for their daily, morning “marching orders” strategy sessions/tactical huddles with the Obama White House, for the purposes of carrying out democrat propaganda campaigns and narratives…By now you’ve also gotten word that Shellie Zimmerman called 911 on her husband on Monday, at first alleging that he threatened her and her father with a gun during an argument, attacked her father, and so forth.

Then, she changed her story so many times when police began to find holes in it that they wound up not charging anyone for anything, and she wound up admitting that there was no gun involved.

A friend of mine posed the question:  Just who might be paying Shellie Zimmerman, and how much, to sensationalize the psychodrama and intrigues over her divorce filing, and to hurl around false allegations against George?  It’s a fair question, actually.Last month I published a column here in which I insisted, based on the exact circumstances, that Shellie Zimmerman was innocent of the perjury charge leveled against her by the same prosecutors who tried to railroad her husband on bogus charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

I included links to websites run by savvy lawyers who’d posted their expert analyses as to why Shellie’s specific answers to prosecutors’ questions, when judged in light of all relevant factors, really absolved her of any guilt, and how the state’s way of conducting the process, and omitting key information from the charging affidavit, was just more of the same malicious railroading and vendetta of official corruption fueled by racial politics that had been directed at her husband.

The fact that Mrs. Zimmerman has, since then, pleaded guilty to the perjury charge means either that I and others were wrong in our assessment of the situation, or, merely that she did not have the will nor the wherewithal to fight the charge.

Or, there’s also the distinct possibility that–added to the trauma they already experienced from the night George was almost murdered by Trayvon Martin–with all of the trauma and pressure and damage done to the Zimmermans’ psyches by this horrendous, prolonged, official lynching attempt, carried out by even the highest levels of their own government and its most powerful agents in the media, Shellie has just completely caved in, psychologically, and “gone over to the dark side.”She may be simply working as a rebel force now, cooperating with Obama’s stooges out to get her husband in any way they can.  That possibility is quite understandable, especially if in her dire distress certain lucrative enticements and protections were proffered to her, by those in positions to do so.

Of course, one doesn’t have to sign on to elaborate conspiracy theories to observe Shellie’s already obvious financial interest and dubious motives for crying wolf at this juncture, and beyond.
I wonder what kind of national media frenzy would erupt if George Zimmerman were to resort to deploying pepper-spray against an hysterical, frying pan-wielding, deranged and estranged shrew.  Check that–I don’t wonder at all.  I already know.  I’ve already written that headline, and you’ve already seen it.
Don’t be too surprised if Obama’s New Black Panther administration draws their next “red line” around George Zimmerman, and announces an impending drone strike on him if he shows any further signs of stress under their duress.
It’s just the kind of distraction this administration needs right now.
Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.