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BOOM! Rebukes Megyn Kelly for Falsely Accusing Joe-The-Plumber of Racism.

By Steve Pauwels

October 17, 2013 at 11:12 am

Megyn Kelly --

I eagerly await your apology, retraction, whatever you want to call it, regarding the libelous insinuations you made last night (Tuesday, Oct 15) against Joe ("Joe the Plumber") Wurzelbacher's "bizarre" (your word) article about electing a "White Republican".

As I'm sure you probably now know, the column you sloppily referenced and misrepresented as Joe W.'s work was, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek piece written by a BLACK conservative, which Joe W. merely included on his news/opinion website. He didn't write it. Your clear, snarky implication that he was guilty of racism is slander -- again, a BLACK conservative wrote the column as a sarcastic mockery of Leftist foolishness.

As Wurzelbacher mentioned on a rebuttal published today (Wednesday), if you or someone on your staff had bothered actually to READ the piece, you would have picked up these rather significant details.

This is a shockingly shoddy bit of  journalism on your part, Ms. Kelly. Not something to be proud of during your second week at your new time slot.

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From a nightly FoxNews viewer,

Steve Pauwels

Managing Editor