Behind-the-Scenes! Obama’s Prop Dept. and Those Fainting Ladies …

Written by Steve Bowers on November 3, 2013

I watched a video collection of Obama speaking events where people “faint.” Now, I for one can readily understand someone fainting during one of his interminable addresses. This guy who is supposed to be a great orator (as most of my few friends who voted for him still claim) puts people to sleep. I don’t mean in the sense of mesmerizing them with his clarity of thought and ability to make simple the complex. No. I mean he puts them to sleep.  He bores them. (Me anyway.)

It reminds me of stories told by people unfortunate enough to have been invited to the Wolf’s Lair to suffer through Hitler’s late night explanations of all of world history (leading up to himself). Most of Hitler’s visitors were terrified they might doze off and … suffer whatever would follow. Most such visitors were too terrified to even guess at what their fate might have been if their snoring had insulted Hitler’s ear.

Obama doesn’t yet have the ability to inspire such fear. (But I suspect it is one of his dreams.)  (And, interestingly, the recent spate of his firing/purging of our military’s general staff is not without a frightening parallel to Hitler’s climb to power.) 

But back to the video. It was humorous at first, until you saw the strange repetitive nature of these “fainting” events. The most recent one was a pregnant lady in a red dress. (Is there a John Dillinger allusion here somewhere? I doubt it, but with this guy and the morons who orchestrate his appearances, who knows?) The “Red Dress Fainting” shows two camera angles. The first is Obama from the side showing the Red Dress clad woman standing in the line of admirers directly behind him. The camera angle clearly shows the woman is pregnant. But it is a bad angle for Obama. He is almost out of the picture and hard to see. The woman beside the Red Dress is holding onto the Red Dress as if to keep her upright. (What idiot put a pregnant woman in a row of folks standing in the direct sunlight for what, typically, is going to be a very long speech?) 

Then the camera angle changes and we are viewing our Fuhe … uh … I mean our own Leader face on, with the Red Dress directly behind him. She already looked wobbly. Now her friend lets go of her and she looks more wobbly and rolling eyes become apparent. Fortunately for her, Our Leader turns around just in time and touches her shoulder as if to “heal” her and everything seems OK.  

But how did Obama know just when to turn around?  No one said, “Hey … look out! The pregnant woman, who has been looking a little peaked for several minutes … in the Red Dress … with the weird hairdo … is about to pitch onto the pavement!” Or, maybe … “Hey, look out! Some woman in a Red Dress is looking strange. Maybe she intends harm to our wonderful Fuhe … er, I mean …Leader! Maybe she’s an assassin!”

Nope. None of that happened. Obama just seemed to know when to look behind him during his address and save the day. And the Red Dress. And, perhaps, her unborn baby … well … probably not her baby. He’s not into that sort of thing. In his mind, babies are on their own, particularly those who survive an abortion in Illinois. 

But the question remains, how did he know? One naturally wonders if the whole thing wasn’t staged. Did he read on his ever-present teleprompter, “Turn around slowly and majestically, and rescue the Red Dress with the Weird Hair (easy to spot, you see) from certain doom. Appear concerned.  OK, OK … fake this part if necessary. Just rescue her. Her friend will do most of the work. Then call for water. Maybe the Marines who carry umbrellas. Just act like you’re in charge. Pretend Putin is thousands of miles away and the immediate area is filled with pantie-waist Senate Republicans. Be cool!”

After watching several similar situations on the video, Obama did his usual. He bored me yet again. And I’m not even mentioning his topic, which always makes him more boring. Maybe I’ve confused the scenes due to getting sleepier and sleepier. But that is how I recall them.

The video then showed Hillary doing the same thing … rescuing a fainter. But her fainting scenario went on forever. One fainter, but the room needed instruction on how to care for a fainter, then how paramedics should always be stationed at such “important” events. Maybe even firemen. Maybe she said “fire persons.” By this time I was about to faint, too, but with no one important to rush to my aid. Or explain to all present how to care for me, since maybe I’m a Democratic voter.

Maybe I dreamed the whole thing. I’d rather believe I was dreaming than believe the President of The United States resorts to such cornball stuff. 

Please take a look at the attached cartoon. I expect to have a lot of fun with these two guys from Obama’s Prop Department and Central Casting. The material is endless, courtesy of the Amateurs in The WH.

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.