Big Government: Crash n’ Burn

Published on November 18, 2013

By Neisha Potter
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Five million Americans have had their health insurance cancelled, but our all-so-incompetent President has encouraged insurance companies to reinstate health-insurance policies. Interestingly enough, he does not have the ability to command insurance companies to renew your cancelled policy, yet he has established healthcare-insurance mandates into legislation forcing Americans to purchase his healthcare-insurance policy.

I doubt Obama voters are worshiping the first African American President now. President Obama claims that you can keep your healthcare coverage if you want, but how can citizens keep their insurance coverage if health insurance providers are cancelling policies? For those of us who have not been cancelled by our health insurance company we have the privilege of enjoying our coverage for another year; at which time it will be mandatory to select one of Obama’s not-so-affordable healthcare options.

A nation of entitled citizens needs to brace themselves for the wrath of big government. The same people who voted for this type of communism are some of the same individuals being fined for their inability to afford Obamacare . . . do you still believe this is not treason?

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So much for sitting around and collecting unemployment checks and free healthcare; when has anything in life been free? Free does not exist – not even our freedom is free. In order to maintain freedom we must hold one another accountable, enforce regulations and fight for freedom – thus losing the lives of those who serve and protect our great nation.

What happen to the American dream? The American dream did not encompass sitting around collecting food stamps, unemployment checks, and Women, Infants and Children vouchers (WIC), from the government, but the right to live life to the fullest as the land of opportunity. In order to generate opportunity people must work and work hard to obtain prosperity and success.

I am a married mother of three children. According to Obamacare offers comparative families a baseline “Affordable Care” health-insurance that cost $893 per month for the Catastrophic Plan. I believe we can all agree that the name of this plan explains everything. This plan covers less than 60% of healthcare costs and it is the lowest coverage available. However, don’t fret because if you want premium coverage you can choose the Platinum-D Plan which covers 90% of healthcare cost. This top of the line health insurance policy is only $1533 per month, but look on the bright side . . . it covers ninety percent of medical care. Wait, did I mention this does not include dental coverage?

It is important to note that these rates are determined by the state and county in which you reside. Furthermore, it is equally imperative to mention that if you cannot afford to purchase coverage you have the option of paying a fine for each family member that is not insured. Not only do you not have health insurance since you cannot afford it, but you also have to pay a fine.

Don’t get all worked up yet because according to President Obama is going to be gracious to American citizens who cannot afford healthcare in 2014 with fines of only $95 per person, whereas, in 2016 fines will increase to $695 per person. For the working class and those living in poverty the penalty per person is higher than the alternative fine which is a percentage of your household income and since these penalties are based on whichever is higher the fine per person is unsurprisingly higher than the percentage of household income.

Our forefathers must be rolling over in the graves shocked at our societal expectations of entitlements and the naïveté of Americans who believe that big government, dictatorship, communism and socialism is beneficial for the land of the free. We the people dissolved the values and beliefs of our elders and developed into pusillanimous citizens who expect rewards and benefits for sluggish performances. We the people discourage pride, consequence and hard work and feel entitled to government support.

We the people are spoiled and crave to have a lifestyle we are not willing to earn on our own accord. We the people voted for a President that demands the citizens of this great nation to purchase goods and is an advocate for the distribution of wealth. Therefore, an ambitious individual who spent four years earning a college degree and is inundated with the sacrificial cost of education does not deserve to earn more than the high school drop out that doesn’t want to work and lives on government assistance.

Did I miss something or is President Barack Obama a true visionary? Sarcasm emphasized

Rodeo 2013 019Neisha Potter is a married mom of three. Potter graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BAS in Christian Ministry and Psychology.


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