JACKASS DOWN: Bashir is on ‘vacation’ from MSNBC after saying Palin should have her mouth defecated in

MSNBC host Martin Bashir, who recently came under fire for controversial comments he made about Sarah Palin is reportedly ‘on vacation’ and has not hosted his program for two weeks in a row.

Media experts are speculating the journalist has been temporarily suspended from the network following the insulting comments he made about the former Alaska governor last month.

Bashir used his weekday afternoon program on November 15 to criticize Palin for her remarks comparing U.S. indebtedness to China to slavery.

Bashir said, ‘America’s resident dunce Sarah Palin scraping the barrel of her long-deceased mind and using her all-time favorite analogy in an attempt to sound intelligent about the national debt.

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‘Given her well-established reputation as a world-class idiot, it’s hardly surprising that she should choose to mention slavery in a way that is abominable to anyone who knows anything about its abominable history.’

He then cited the diaries of a former plantation overseer who punished slaves by having someone defecate in their mouth or urinate on their face. He suggested the former Alaska governor deserved the same treatment.

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