Knock-Out Games: Civility Lost

By Neisha Potter
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Our societal fabric is being torn to shreds by the foolish behaviors of today’s culture. Boundaries are devoid, unclearly defined and societal expectations are reduced to aspiring to twerk like Miley Cyrus while losing the ability to keep your tongue in your mouth.

The problem with our growing youth is the lack of discipline. We are overly concerned about feelings and less concerned about true consequence and discipline. There is such a thing as healthy guilt; people grow from guilt – it shapes us morally to choose a better path next time. Consequences are beneficial because they help people learn to consider the penalties of their actions as new situations arise.

Culture does not consider consequences for their actions in the 21st century because the demarcation of society is no longer adjoined with retribution. Culture extends every possible excuse to rationalize unjustifiable behavior in order to withhold accountability. People feel completely entitled to respond to circumstances as they see fit. But individuals do not have the right to behave in such a way that their behavior infiltrates the rights and personal safety of others.

These losers participating in these knock-out games are simply low-life cowards raised without fear of consequences because parents have withdrawn discipline from their children. Violence has desensitized our nation, moreover our youth, to where nothing less than catastrophic deaths phase the heart. The intensity of violence throughout movies, television shows, video games, internet sites and media are an abomination to the eyes of humanity.

The outcome is a generation without civility. The development of a population that has no respect for the lives of others, no compassion or sincerity, zero consideration for how personal choices impact humanity and attribute naught to the worth of mankind.

So what is our solution?

Legislators need to increase the consequences for behaviors, actually use the death penalty and make crimes such as the knock-out games a felony. Society needs to reestablish boundaries and generate a no tolerance law that reminds Americans that violence and murder will not be tolerated.

Put bibles back in schools. Introduce Christ in the public schools instead of waiting to introduce Christ in prison. Christians should have the right to choose biblical studies as an elective for their children.

Parents, get involved. Embrace traditional values once again by enforcing rules, expectations and most importantly consequences for that so called entitled behavior. Establish specific and concrete expectations of your precious bambinos and enforce them. Teach your children about the love of Christ and give them the gift of fear. Pray with your children, get involved God’s word – do not leave valuable teachings up to society which is failing you. Parents have a duty to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it,”

Proverb 22:6.

Additionally, love and appreciate the sanctity of marriage. God established the ability to reproduce life through a man and a woman, both of which uniquely contribute to the development of a child.

Our societal fabric is deteriorating; families have lost faith in one another, traditional values are from some type of mythical storybook and respecting the laws of God by exemplifying His great love is nonexistent.

Don’t wait for the world to make a difference – make a difference in the world!

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved, Matthew 24:12-13.

Rodeo 2013 019Neisha Potter is a married mom of three. Potter graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BAS in Christian Ministry and Psychology.

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