Nelson Mandela Joins Yasser Arafat As Dead Terrorists Who Won Peace Prizes

Written by Donald Joy on December 9, 2013

Contrary to what the media is telling you, Nelson Mandela wasn’t jailed merely for opposing the apartheid government of South Africa.  He was jailed to stop him from carrying out wide-scale terrorism on behalf of the global-communism-seeking Soviet Union.

As Peter Wright points out in his article, Mandela–Mass Murderer Turned Into Saint by Media,

Mandela was imprisoned for conspiring and supporting acts of terrorism, mainly the blowing up of infrastructure (power lines) plotting to place bombs in public places (railway stations, etc.) and stockpiling weapons and explosives to carry out terrorist attacks.”

The American Free Press reports that at the trial of Mandela and the 19 other members of the terrorist group he founded, with whom he was captured (half of whom were white communist Jews), the prosecutor said that the munitions they possessed were “sufficient to blow up a city the size of Johannesburg.”

According to’s Peter Cleburne, those who would have otherwise been killed and displaced by Mandela’s terrorist faction, along with all of us, have apartheid to thank for keeping him locked up long enough to prevent his brutal ascendancy to power as a younger man, to see him mellow out over the years, and instead learn how to manipulate public opinion toward his communist goals in less violent ways.In his article, The Mandela Monster: We Owe Apartheid South Africa, Cleburne writes:

But Mandela worship is not just another case of MSM Magic Negro mania.  It is a flat-out lie…Mandela was actually a nasty individual who freely admitted assembling a large arms dump and planning a terrorist campaign…(and to being a Communist).  Had he obtained power as a younger man, the world would know him as at least a Mugabe, possibly a Pol Pot.  And the fears of those who opposed black rule are being justified, as documented by Ilana Mercer...”

Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie, earned infamy for herself for her urging followers to engage in the “necklacing” of political opponents–a tire is placed around the bound victim’s neck, doused in gasoline, and set on fire.  Thousands and thousands of people in South Africa have been murdered in this way.

Multiple sources report that Winnie publicly taunted her foes by shaking a box of matches in her hand, proclaiming, “We may not prevail at the ballot box, but we will win with the matchbox.”

Even the later version of Nelson Mandela, the exalted, supposedly peace-loving statesman that the Western white liberal media turned him into, openly sang and danced to popular songs calling for the killing of all white people in South Africa.  It’s on video.The heinous genocide being carried out against whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe in recent decades, along with South Africa’s horrific, runaway violent crime spiral, is well-known to those who follow such things.The American Free Press puts the number of whites murdered by blacks in South Africa at 68,000 since 1994, when Nelson Mandela became president.

At this rate, Weather Underground terror mastermind Bill Ayers (who joined with black radical terrorists here in the states to bomb and murder with the declared goal of fomenting a race war on “honky America”) is right on schedule to win the Nobel Peace Prize before he croaks, too, seeing as he hasn’t been publicly tied to the murder of anyone in awhile now–around the same number of years his fellow-traveler Nelson Mandela spent behind bars.

And since Ayers got off on a technicality all those years ago, he gets extra credit from the liberal establishment–not only for not obviously murdering anyone during all that time he’s been “free as a bird,” but also for his role in helping to turn the entire U.S. education system toward communism via his role as distinguished Marxist professor, as a member of various multi-million dollar Left-wing education boards and foundations, and in his helping to write the new-fangled socialist “Common Core” curriculum.

Gag me with a chainsaw.  Those Nobel idiots gave Barack Obama their Peace Prize merely for denouncing “air-raiding villages and killing civilians” during his first campaign, just before he started air-raiding villages and killing civilians from his new perch in the Oval Office, I mean golf cart.  Not to mention Obama using billions of our taxes to send Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists massive stockpiles of weapons, money, and other support in hot-spots where they thrive and kill.  Meanwhile, our troops and military chaplains are prosecuted if they dare praise the benevolence of Christianity, especially if they do it within earshot of our new “partners,” the Islamofascist, murdering Taliban.

As old-school purveyors of communist terrorism, Nelson and Winnie Mandela make Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn look like Sunday school teachers.  Heck, thanks to our liberal courts and communist-infested educational institutions, Ayers and Dorhn actually did become teachers–full professors and heads of departments at prestigious top American universities, no less.Even after being freed and re-made into a man of “peace,” Nelson Mandela threw in with Palestinian terrorists.  His public statements of support for the PLO are a matter of record.

Just as I did not mourn the departure of made-over Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat from this mortal coil, the world has rid itself of another Nobel Peace Prize winner whose loss makes me breathe a sigh not of grief, but of relief.

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.