A SEXY MAKEOVER: CEO says, “Obamacare needs ‘sexy’ makeover”

Published on December 23, 2013

The only way to get more Obamacare signups is to significantly reduce the scope of the legally required minimum plan, athenahealth (ATHN) Chairman and CEO Jonathan Bush told CNBC on Friday.

The White House took a temporary step in that direction late Thursday, when it relaxed the rules for people who lost their existing coverage, because their plans didn’t meet the health law’s broader standards.

The changes allow those affected to buy cheap, basic catastrophic coverage plans, and waive the threat of a tax penalty if they fail to have any coverage in 2014.

Bush, whose company provides doctors offices with cloud-based services for electronic health records, practice management and care coordination, said on “ Squawk Box ” the Obama administration needs to narrow the requirements of the mandated plan by half to make it more enticing.

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