THE SKIING KIMS: Another staged public appearance on the slopes for the Kardashians and North Korean dictator

One seems bent on world domination, a powerful media manipulator capable of influencing the lives of millions. The other is a North Korean dictator.

But it seems reality TV star Kim Kardashian and ruthless Kim Jong-Un have a previously unknown common hobby – a love of ski-ing

As the Kardashian family posed for paparazzi in designer ski wear, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un was also creating his own stage-managed image at the secretive country’s newly-opened ski resort.

The leader took a test ride on one of the new lifts at Masik Pass Ski Resort but as he sat surveying the resort it appeared he had forgotten his skis.

Kim Kardashian was well kitted out however, in a full black ensemble and skis.

Jong-Un was said to note ‘with great satisfaction’ that everything was ‘impeccable’ and gave instructions to serve people well to ensure visitors may ‘keenly feel the loving care of the party’, local media reported.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian joined Kanye West and her sister Kourtney in Utah.

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