CAN OF WHOOP ASS: Kimmel Slams ObamaCare and the Stupid Young People Who Back It

Published on January 16, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel slammed the low young adult enrollment in Obamacare and offered some suggestions on how to improve it on his show Tuesday night. He also expressed his shock that the federal government is funding penis pumps.

Less than a quarter of Obamacare enrollees are young adults, the Obama administration had a target of 38%. Kimmel asked why the administration had such high hopes for their young adult enrollment goal, “Why would they hope that? I don’t know. They expect young people to buy insurance the same time PlayStation comes out?”

He suggested that in order to increase the young adult enrollment, “If you want young people to do something, all you have to do is tell them specifically not to do something, or give ten free lives in Candy Crush to the first subscribers…”