CONSERVATION THRU HUNTING: Hunting Ban Lifted From Scimitar Oryx, Dama Gazelle and the Addax

Published on January 23, 2014

WASHINGTON (Jan. 20, 2014)—President Obama has signed into law the 2014 Omnibus Bill, which includes a Dallas Safari Club (DSC)-backed provision to ensure the future of three antelope species nearly extinct in their native countries but flourishing on ranches in Texas.

The “Three Amigos” provision, for which DSC has lobbied over the past several years, exempts U.S. populations of scimitar horned oryx, Dama gazelle and addax from Endangered Species Act protections. The exemptions clear the way for ranchers to maintain herds of these exotic game animals and to offer hunts without federal intervention.  Hunting revenue incentivizes ranchers to ensure that populations will continue to thrive.

Author of the provision, Rep. John Carter (R-TX-31) stated, “This legislation gets big government out of the way so that ranchers can begin working to bring these rare antelope populations back to former levels.  This has been a long time in coming – but we got it done.”

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX-32) and Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA-42) were also key supporters in this effort.  “I’m pleased that the House and Senate were able to reach an agreement that allows American sportsmen to continue their conservation of the ‘Three Amigos,’” said Sessions.  “Despite the onerous and unnecessary federal regulations that have recently threatened the ongoing work to preserve the existence of these endangered antelope, this Omnibus Appropriations bill takes important steps to protect the ‘Three Amigos’ and preserve our rich sporting heritage.”

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