GONZO: Court Orders Indian Woman to be Raped by 13 Men for Relating with a Man from Another Village

Published on January 24, 2014

A 20-year-old woman has been left fighting for her life in hospital today after a kangaroo court in India ordered her to be gang-raped for having an affair with a youth from another village.

The brutal punishment was allegedly carried out by the very same ‘court’ which found her guilty in a village near Suri in west Bengal state, 150 miles from Kolkata, police said.

Police said that all 13 accused men – ten of whom made up the kangaroo court – have since been arrested for rape. Among them is the village headman.

Despite her critical condition and clinging to life, the female victim managed to tell her story to The Times of India.

‘I had an affair with a man,’ she told the paper.

We were dragged to a gathering where our community headman was present. They told me to pay 50,000 rupees (£490). When I said I couldn’t, they brutalised me.’A doctor told the paper that the young woman was alive ‘only because she is a tough tribal girl.’

The woman’s distraught mother said that ‘the crime was committed by our own people.’

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