BOOM: Navy SEAL Ben Smith Drops Koran on the Floor (VIDEO)

Published on February 10, 2014

Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith addressed the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Mr. Smith discussed the real state of the union, not the theatrical presentation provided by the occupier of the White House on Tuesday. He speaks of the occupier in terms of his communist, socialist assault on America which includes Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. Smith recognizes that they are all here in the United States as well as in the White House.

He describes how we have an admitted Marxist in the White House, who has all of the typical trappings of that philosophy, with a heavy strain of Islam thrown in as well. He questions whether the Caliphate that is described in the Koran is not in some ways what we have just witnessed in the Arab Spring. He holds up a Koran as the source of his comments, but then old butterfingers Ben drops the book on the floor.

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