FEDZILLA: Federal Agents Conduct Raid on ‘Machine Gun Preacher,’ ‘Totally Destroyed’ Charity’s Shipment

REELS CORNER, Pa. — He’s a man who has been in the headlines recently, not because of wrongdoing, but because of an international social justice award he received for his work, helping children in impoverished third world countries.

But now Sam Childers, better known as “the Machine Gun Preacher,” is the target of a federal investigation after FBI and IRS agents raided his home, business and donation warehouse in Somerset County earlier this week.

Childers wasn’t there because he’s currently in Africa doing work, but he talked with 6 News over the phone Friday.

As usual, the federal government is keeping quiet about the case, but Childers himself said the feds are interrupting his work and in turn hurting hundreds of children who lack the resources to help themselves. He said he knows what the feds are looking for but said they’re not going to find it.

Computers were taken and their wires left hanging. Boxes of donations were torn apart. That’s what Childers said federal investigators left behind Wednesday night.

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