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Good Teacher W/ a Gun or Guilt and Liability in Next School Shooting?

We know better now. There was a time long ago when the best assumption was to keep firearms out of schools. Now we know that the best method to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. Think of what we do if a murderer comes to class. The first thing we do is call a good person with a gun. When school boards say they want a “gun-free school environment”, they are replacing the real world with their fantasy world. We’ve seen what happens in “gun free zones”. We’ve paid the price in blood when murderers enter these “gun-free zones”.

We know better now. Now we have a group of scholars who study public violence. We can learn from their research and insights.. or we can stick to the tried and true methods that have made schools one of the most dangerous environments our children face.

Fortunately, parents are standing up and asking school administrators tough questions about violence in schools.

The school board executive who claims he wants a “gun-free” school is telling us a lot. This school board executive is saying he knows more about defending children than the county sheriff and the experts who study public violence.

I don’t know about your school board, but in California, the school board executive is telling us that he would rather please the special interests who elected him than keep our children safe. He would rather please the teacher’s union who elected him than face angry parents in the next school board election. He would rather please the special interests who elected him than take the advice of experts who suggest arming school staff.

Some school districts have armed staff. But most local school boards would rather follow than lead. At best, the school board is saying they couldn’t find reasonable insurance for armed staff and so decided to ignore best practice and leave children at risk for mass murder. Unfortunately, these school board members will be supported by news media who will blame the gun rather than the murderer. The reporter would rather engage in political advocacy than research the facts.

That will change. We will collect more blood stained evidence on the failed policy of “huddle and pray” in a so called “gun-free zone”. A “huddle and pray” school board will be sued by the surviving victims of public violence and their parents. The evidence is out there and a jury will not let school boards hide their incompetence behind shield laws. Soon insurance rates will be lower in those school districts which have a realistic plan to oppose public violence.

I think enough children have died in school murders. How many more will it take until your school board changes? POST, Protect Our Students and Teachers has the answer. None. Not one more student should be left vulnerable and unguarded. We protect our politicians, our judges and even our money. If we protect our treasure with armed men, then we should also protect our children.

Seven states allow armed school staff, and 33 states are considering similar measures. Some of them will learn before it is too late.

Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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