THE SEDUCER IN CHIEF: Here’s Four Women Who Fell to the Power of Clinton’s Charm

Published on February 7, 2014

The way he intertwined his fingers through theirs, the gleam of his blue eyes… and the overwhelming scent of power. 

This week, actor Tom Sizemore claimed that Bill Clinton had an affair with Elizabeth Hurley — only later to withdraw the story, claiming he was high on drugs when he made the outrageous allegations.

But what is it about Bill that so attracts women?

Here, four writers remember their own encounters with the former President, and try to explain why he has such a hypnotic effect on the opposite sex.


Truth be told, I’ve met many an attractive man, from movie stars such as Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson to deliciously handsome writers and intellectuals who I daren’t name on account of them still being around and it being too embarrassing to let on.

But not one has compared with Bill Clinton.


Meeting Bill Clinton was a moment of such electricity that I have to pause for only a moment to remember the whole encounter, second by second in the most captivating detail. 

It was December 14, 2001, and I accompanied my then husband, Jonathan Dimbleby, to the BBC’s 26th Richard Dimbleby lecture — which was given by Clinton. The whole evening — Jonathan’s introduction and the lecture — was overshadowed by the recent outrages of September 11, so painfully fresh in the collective mind. 


Unlike so many deluded men and (especially) women, I’ve never been enamoured of the manipulative and mendacious Bill Clinton.

When he once made a pass at me on an airport’s tarmac in New Mexico at 4am, implying he longed to get to know me better if only there was the time, an icy glare from me soon dissuaded him.  


Not since Moses walked through the Red Sea has a man had the ability to part everything that goes before him.

I remember thinking this as I watched Bill Clinton walk down the stairs of The Groucho Club, a private members’ bar in London, in 2001. People instinctively stepped aside like waves, unworthy to share even his breathing space. 

Having long lusted after Bill, I stepped forward like an errant Israelite to meet him. 

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