BOOM: American Bald Eagle Kicks Thieving Racoon’s Fury Ass

Published on March 6, 2014

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A close call for a pair of bald eagles nesting in Hays, after a raccoon attacked their nest.
February’s been a sedentary month for mother eagle, who has spent her days warming the eggs she’s laid.

But at 11:15 p.m. [last] Wednesday, she was asleep on the eggs while protecting them from the cold when — as a night-vision camera shows — her peaceful duty was jarringly interrupted.

Awakened, she turns her head realizing something’s approaching — just before this — a predatory raccoon lunges into the nest and sets upon the three eggs trying to ferret one away.

For a moment the mother eagle jumps back, but then begins flailing her seven-foot wing spread before thrusting out her sharp talons, and in seconds she scares the raccoon away.

Though she can’t be heard, she continues making a loud clamor during his retreat.

“She’s obviously very protective,” Gary Fujak, of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said.

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