A Coat Hanger Should Never Go Up Your Vagina

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 31, 2014

Given the recent controversy with the DC Abortion Fund offering coat hanger pendants for a donation to their death squad funder, I have been thinking about this coat hanger argument for the past few weeks.

Let’s see if I understand the pro choice argument correctly here…Abortion should be legal and governmentally regulated lest women take their pregnant wombs to a back alley and shove a coat hanger up their vagina to kill their unborn child? I’m sorry, does this sound like extortion to you or am I just crazy?

This argument would be like saying either you make all school prayer legal, or we will vandalize all schools with graffiti of Jesus. Either you lower taxes, or we rob every governmental institution we can find. Does that sound silly to you? Because it should be.

Now, I already tackled the role that men have played in the abortion arena, but is this really the argument women are using now? A coat hanger is your strongest line of defense ladies? I’m pretty sure that the majority of you beautiful women reading this were brought up with some sense of dignity. Maybe some were raised by stricter parents than others, but did your parents ever tell you that shoving a coat hanger up there was a viable and dignified thing to do?

Let’s be honest ladies, with the legalizing of abortion, the rise of feminism, and even more recently the Duke girl who is debasing her body in porn to pay for school, you are being fed lies constantly. Every single day, you are told that if you don’t show tons of cleavage, you might as well be amish. If your jeans are not riding up your crotch to the point where it just looks like you’re wearing body paint, then you might as well be a nun. If you don’t put out at least on the second date, then why the hell did I take you to this Wendy’s drive-thru? That 99 cent menu gets expensive after time and we men need you to make it worth our time with sexual favors. Right?

If you begin thinking for yourself and valuing your own body and worth you’ll quickly realize that women’s empowerment does not mean promiscuity and child murder. Quite the opposite, women’s empowerment means you are a sharp woman who finds her confidence and strength in the Almighty God that lovingly crafted you. You do not fear, but you laugh at life when it throws you a curve ball (Prov. 31:25). You don’t depend on anyone to make you happy or complete, and even before you find a husband you make sure your life is lived out with purpose and not waiting for your knight in shining armor.

You have the gates to your “promised land” closed until a worthy squire publicly confesses his love for you. Not on Facebook or Instagram, but in front of witnesses and before God in matrimony. Then, you make sure your little piglets will grow up to proudly call you their mother and not some hag that chain smokes and sits on the couch watching The Price Is Right while they starve.

You hone all these qualities, daughter of God, and I guarantee you that a strong willed man will come in to your life and pursue you for life, not just before you are married.

This, friends, is the will of God for relationships and parenthood. How some Christians can believe God winks at the murder of children in the womb is beyond me and beyond reason. How Christians can use the argument of a coat hanger is just blasphemous. It’s not right to kill your baby when it is most helpless, not with a doctor in a clean room, and not with a coat hanger in a back alley.

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Andres Ortiz is the founder of The Saving, a ministry that plays heavy music with heavier Christian content. His new album "David Star", based on the life of David, comes out March 9th, 2014. Follow @andresaving on twitter.