DEMONIC: Thugs Who Killed Aussie Baseball Star LAUGH About ‘Missing Others Before Killing Chris Lane’

Published on March 13, 2014

One of the three teenagers accused of murdering the Australian baseballer Chris Lane said they tried to shoot other people ‘but kept missing’, an Oklahoma court has been told.

Heather George, who works at the Stephens county jail where the three teenagers were held after Lane was killed, testified on Wednesday she had overheard a conversation between two inmates, one of whom was Michael Jones.

Jones, the alleged driver of the car used in the drive-by shooting, was having a conversation with another inmate, George said.

The other inmate, according to George, asked Jones: ‘Why did you have to shoot an Australian? Why didn’t you drive and shoot somebody else?’

George said Jones had replied: ‘We tried to shoot several other people, but we kept missing.’

At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, Judge Jerry Herberger ordered 18-year-old Jones and the 16-year-old alleged shooter, Chancey Luna, to stand trial for the first-degree murder of Chris Lane.

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