FREAKY: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 & The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Published on March 14, 2014

1. North Korea Hijacked the Airplane

Could Kim Jong-un be behind the disappearance of MH370?

Per Redditor nickryane: If North Korea did want to hijack an airliner it would be best-off choosing flights farther away to avoid arousing suspicion. It was a long-haul flight. The perfect place to perform the hijack would be over the sea soon after takeoff (where it was last seen).

This would ensure a clean getaway with minimal radar coverage and no country chasing after you. The North Korean government is bat shit crazy. There’s no telling what crazy logic they might have for taking a plane. They literally have no grasp of reality and have been caught red handed kidnapping foreigners, making shit up and generally being douches.

2. Strange Activity on Flight Tracker for MH370

A flight tracker video over Malaysia shows bizarre radar occurrences happening immediately before MH370’s disappearance.

To the right of MH370’s avatar, we see another aircraft avatar seemingly do impossible speeds amongst a slew of commercial crafts.

3. Islamic Separatist Terrorism in China

Last week, a terrorist attack occurred in Kunming, Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang is home to the Uyghur people, an Islamic minority in China.

Per Reuters: China says militants from Xinjiang, home to a large Muslim Uighur minority, launched a terrorist attack in the southwestern city of Kunming, killing at least 29 people and injuring about 140. Last week, the terrorist attack involved knives. But could extremist Uyghurs have gotten help in pulling off a more technologically advanced attack? With the confirmation that individuals with stolen passports were on MH370, it seems possible.

4. Chinese 9/11

If MH370 was indeed hijacked by terrorists like the Uyghurs or another militant jihadist group, where did it go? Some Reddit conspiracists think that perhaps it was landed somewhere in the Asian Pacific to be used for a later attack as a missile. If that’s true, burgeoning superpower China would be the likely target. Especially in light of the mounting homegrown terrorism it’s trying to keep out of the press.

Per TrutherNews: In the last few months, Islamic terror in China has been reaching a crescendo. For example, on October 30, 2013, Chinese police arrested 5 people over a terror attack in Tiananmen Square. Roughly 2 months later on December 16, 2013, it was reported that Chinese police shot and killed 14 suspected terrorists in the northwest Muslim region of China.

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