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ROTTEN TO THE CORE: Here’s The Best Video Explaining Common Core

Chairman of Founded on Truth, “Marguerite “Peg” Ann McKenna Luksik is a conservative politician, perennial candidate, pro-life campaigner, and Constitution Party activist in Pennsylvania. Luksik was born on August 11, 1955 in Huntsville, Alabama, where her father was in the Army.

A 1976 magna cum laude graduate of Clarion University with a bachelor of science degree in special education and elementary education, she married James Luksik on June 23 1979. The couple have six children. In a 1998 interview with John Mallon, contributing editor of Inside the Vatican, Luksik described how her devout Roman Catholicism informs her views, including opposition to abortion. In 1997 Luksik had received an honorary doctorate from Stonehill College.”

Luksik says, “The Goal of Common Core is “Collectivism.”

At the 2012 RNC, I asked D’nesh D’souza if Obama was a communist. He said, “He’s a collectivist.” I said, “Isn’t that the same thing?”

Back in 2008, Hannity was the only person reporting that Obama’s pastor of 20 years, the man to whom Obama dedicated his biography, was Jeremiah Wright; and that a close study of Obama’s/Wright’s church revealed that their message was not the gospel but “Black Liberation Theology.” It’s collectivism.

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