Bundy Ranch: Obama’s Instigation of Insurrection?

Published on April 19, 2014

by Vic Landry
Clash Daily Contributor

Will the Bundy Ranch be the spark that ignites Obama’s martial law?  Obama is ratcheting up the pressure to provoke a violent response in order to declare martial law and suspend elections.  He is only standing down to allow the Bundy supporters to feel complacent and drop their guard.  This is only a strategic retreat in Obama’s march to a perpetual presidency.  All this is a calculated strategy on Obama’s part. Every move is pre-planned and calculated to provoke a stronger response, eventually, leading to an excuse for military intervention by Obama’s thugs.

He is using his civilian police force, armed like the military, as he feels more comfortable in his ability to control civilians rather than the military.  He has called for a civilian police force equal in armament to the military. However, he has been systematically purging the military of high ranking officers he considers a threat to his control.  Since his inauguration, he has found a reason to purge over two hundred high ranking officers and he still has three years to consolidate his control. Obama is planning for every contingency that threatens his systematic, insidious, fundamental change of our republic into his personal fiefdom.

His civilian alphabet agencies purchased millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition. This ammunition is not used for target practice but for killing.  It is preposterous to claim otherwise.  Of what, possible, use does the post office and NOAA have for hollow point ammunition except for pre-positioned caches for anticipated insurrection? Insurrection that he has instigated to further his aim of a perpetual presidency.

We have seen pictures of FEMA camps that are, ostensibly, for housing people in case of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake.  If that is so, why do they have fences topped with razor wire slanted inward, designed to keep people in.  It only makes sense if you assume the camps are intended as detention camps for some anticipated insurrection. 

Obama is planning a big push for restricting peoples right to own guns by executive fiat.  We have seen that as gun ownership has gone up, crime has gone down.  What other reason could he have for nullifying the Second Amendment to the Constitution except to keep guns from law abiding citizens and reduce threats to his control of the populace. He continues to advance his plans for a weakened country easily controlled by his minions and czars.

In my many years I have come to a
conclusion that one useless man 
is a shame, two is a law firm, 
and three or more is a congress.
— John Adams

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vic landryVic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President