Reminder in Our Challenging Day: AN EASTER POEM

Published on April 13, 2014

by Matthew P. Dec
Clash Daily Contributor

With the current circumstances facing us as a nation today, it is very easy to stress or through anger (like me), to sometimes forget what this Holy Day coming up this weekend represents for us. This week we will commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; and it is a season that ought not be taken lightly. For some of us, if things continue to escalate into a full blown revolution, it may be our last with our families.

I believe the Spirit is prompting me to inform His Church not to fear what is about to occur, for He is in control, and our lives here, it must be remembered, are but a vapor that appeareth for a moment and then passeth away. It is in the world to come that we shall “in the sweet by and by meet on that beautiful shore.”
To bring this Truth once more to your attention, I share this poem I wrote years ago which will be in my soon to be released Ebook.

May God bless each and every one of you this Easter Holiday.

Going Home: A Prophetic Poem

Our home in the Heavens
is a Promised thing.
A haven from the turmoil
that the world doth bring.

A place of safety
and security firm.
A place of tranquility
for which many yearn.

Many seek purpose from
other men and things.
And awake to the sorrow
that such folly brings.

Listen closely
and I’ll tell you a tale.
Of the angels of Heaven
and the devils of hell.

Between them war wages
for the soul of man.
In hearts and minds
as only spirits can.

The angels guide us
and keep us from harm.
While the devils tempt
to seduce with satanic charm.

This dream is a trial,
when you awake you shall see.
Your home you have earned
shall be for eternity.

The Good Lord is watching
whom we obey.
Our actions will speak louder
than our words on that Day.

Scoff thou not
for these things be true.
And upon the day of death
one shall come to claim you.

Hearken now
and take heed of knowledge.
Of these Truths not taught
in secular schools nor college.

The Lord is One,
in Him we do dwell.
Outside of His presence
is but darkness and hell.

God gave us His Son
sent from above.
To teach of His mercies,
His goodness, and His love.

The King of angels
was born as a man.
In a town of Judea
called Bethlehem.

He astounded many
with His wisdom and power.
Sickness did flee
and the demons did cower.

Then came that day
for which He was born.
His disciples did flee
and His loved ones did mourn.

He was crucified upon
a Cross of wood.
He died the death that
a thief named Barrabas had should.

Three days later
He arose from the grave.
With grace from on High
and the power to save.

He returned with a Promise
for all that will believe.
Of an eternal home in the Heavens
that the just shall receive.

We, my dear brethren
are not there quite yet.
For we are still in this world
of greed, hatred, and fret.

Temptation is common
and sin doth abound.
Our morals daily assaulted
by carnal sights and sound.

Then comes the day
that death comes to our door.
And takes us away
from this world evermore.

Come, says the angel
for the Master awaits.
The choir is singing
and they’ve opened the gates.

Thy sorrows have ended
and thy eternal joy begun.
For you have entered the Kingdom
of Christ Jesus God’s Son.

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Matthew P. Dec is a Christian freelance writer who spends his free time reading and analyzing world and national events. His studies also include politics, religion, and the occult; of which he has written a soon to be released book entitled “Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult.”