SO GAY: Clay Aiken Tweets About Punching Ann Coulter, Urged Folks to Call Her a C**t

Published on May 22, 2014

It should be interesting to see the coverage, or lack thereof, for Mr. Aiken having tweeted a while back, “Anyone else watching @piersmorgan want to punch Ann Coulter in the face?” What’s more, reports blogger Sooper Mexican, Aiken once all but urged fans to call Coulter a c**t. War on women, anyone?

First, Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times with the Twitter story (emphases mine):

Democratic congressional candidate Clay Aiken has reportedly deleted a tweet in which he fantasized about punching conservative author Ann Coulter “in the face.”

“Anyone else watching @piersmorgan want to punch Ann Coulter in the face?” the former “American Idol” runner-up tweeted in October 2012, The Daily Caller reported.

The tweet was first flagged by a blog that found other instances of celebrities re-tweeting Mr. Aiken’s comment, including Arsenio Hall.

And here’s the offensive tweet that Sooper Mexican found involving the C-word:

Since Ann Coulter says it’s ok 2 b offensive when describing people, let’s “C” what words we can use 2 describe her

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