GRIEVING DAD GOES AFTER OUR GUNS: Father Whose Son Was Killed by ‘Virgin Killer’ Gives Anti-Gun Speech to 20K People

The grieving father of one of the six students murdered by the ‘virgin killer’ in California on Friday, led a rousing call for a change in gun laws at a memorial today.

As Richard Martinez addressed a crowd of about 20,000 who gathered for the University of California Santa Barbara memorial, the crowd got to their feet and joined his chant of ‘Not One More’.

Mr Martinez used the memorial on Tuesday to call for an end to gun violence, telling the crowd: ‘Too many people have died, and there should be not one more,’ NBC Los Angeles reported.

‘How many more people are going to have to die in this situation before the problem gets solved?’ he asked.

‘They [politicians] have done nothing and that’s why Chris died … in my opinion,’ Mr Martinez said.

‘It’s almost become a normal thing for us to accept [mass shootings] … It’s not normal. Life doesn’t have to be like this.’

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