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Honorable: A Vets Thoughts about America as Memorial Day Approaches…

by Larry Usoff
Clash Daily Contributor

From William Shakespeare’s Henry V, 1598: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother”.

I have lived a long life, seen many things, but yet, I know very little! Tomorrow however, I will know much more!   About 9% of the US population has served in the military. Just under one percent are serving on active duty today. These numbers are small but often it is the small things that nurture greatness. As our government is headed towards a most drastic reduction in our military capability at a time when we may be facing a growing worldwide threat from Russia, China and the Middle East, I worry that our culture has come to denigrate the contribution and sacrifice of those who serve.

Bless you all.   You may have served in Combat or in non-combat. You may have retired out or you may have served for a short time. You may have been a draftee or a volunteer. You may have served in the Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or the Merchant Marines, BUT YOU SERVED!. YOU DID YOUR JOB HONORABLY and for that I am PROUD to call you Brother.

You may have served during Korea, WWII,. Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan, BUT YOU SERVED–YOU DID NOT RUN!  You have a DD 214 with those words “HONORABLY DISCHARGED”, two of the most noble words in the world.  Again, I am proud to know each and every one of you.   

Memorial Day will bring people out, and some of them will visit cemeteries, perhaps to visit a loved one who paid the ultimate price, some may march in parades, side by side with men and women who fought for our freedom, some might stand on the sidelines and take notice.

I probably would be on the sidelines because I don’t walk too well anymore.  Being on the sidelines doesn’t mean that those folks are marching without me.  No, I’m there in spirit, if not in the flesh.  When the flag goes by it’s a signal for me to salute, and that salute is for every single person who ever served.   

So, from one veteran to all of you, thank you for your service.  Your country owes you a huge debt of gratitude.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired

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Larry UsoffLarry Usoff, US Navy Retired; US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Constitutionalist. Make no excuses for what I say or do, but take responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country;


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