RAISING A SELF-OBSESSED ME MONKEY: Male Teen Is Selfie Obsessed, Has Taken 100k Selfies

When 17-year-old Kurt Coleman walks past his own reflection he stops in awe to look at the teenager staring back at him.

But it’s a trait his Mother has grown to love about her selfie obsessed son, who spends more time behind the camera and in front of a mirror than you care to imagine.

Speaking about the teenager, Maureen Coleman has delved into the private life of a very public teenager who in an interview with New Idea told the magazine about the bullying which forced him to drop out of school.

But apart from a few online taunts, which his mother said he has learnt to rise above, it it has been a largely fruitful rise to stardom for the online wonder kid who is now under the wing of a full time publicist.

It is claims such as the one where he declared himself god’s gift to earth and that he is Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton which has raised his teenage profile.

Given his popularity online, he said he was once asked if his online profile was an invented character or if he really does love himself.

Kurt replied: ‘I do, I love who I am, I don’t think it’s wrong.’ He said his confidence was not hiding any insecurities … ‘I do love myself.’

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