ALLEN WEST: ‘ISIS/ISIL Set Sights on Next Target, Jordan’

Published on June 17, 2014

This thing is brewing into a bloody ‘Religion of Peace’ mess and I’m pretty certain this bat crap crazy ISIS/ISIL crew will soon turn their rage against Israel.  Here’s Allen West’s assessment of this festering situation…

Sometimes if you want to get the real story about what’s happening you need go closer to the source. And so The Jordan Times gives us a clear window into the advance of ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) throughout the region. The very name ISIL provides a rather large hint about the regional objectives of this Islamic terrorist organization and its next potential target: Jordan.

The Jordan Times Reports that Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) have strengthened their presence along the Iraqi border on Sunday as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) reportedly inched towards Jordanian territory. Sources said Sunday that the terror organization has opened a clandestine branch in Jordan to prepare for its expansion into the region.

According to media reports, Iraqi government forces withdrew from the western towns of Saklawisat in Ramadi and the village of Al Jisser near Fallujah, key towns in Anbar province that have been at the heart of fighting between the Iraqi military and jihadist forces since late December 2013 — which begs the question, what was the Obama administration looking at during that time?

In other words, this didn’t just happen overnight. It’s part of a long-term campaign that began in Syria and has extended further. We should have gotten the message when this ISIS/ISIL took over Ramadi and Fallujah.

Despite the “precautionary” military build-up, Jordanian security sources say the situation remains “calm” along the western Iraqi border, in contrast to the country’s shared border with Syria, which has seen several clashes between the armed forces and suspected Islamist militants over the past two weeks.

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