FIRST CLASS: Amy Adams Gives Up Her 1st Class Seat to Soldier

Published on June 28, 2014

According to a tweet by ESPN’s Jemele Hill, Amy Adams recently gave up her first class seat on a flight for a soldier. It’s good to see when celebrities actually support our troops and positive stories like this go viral. See below via

“When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier’s way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with,” Hill said in an email from the flight. “Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat.”

Hill at first thought that the serviceman was unaware who had surrendered his or her seat to him, but a flight attendant told Hill that the man did indeed chat privately with Adams near the front of the plane.

Here are some responses from other Twitter users: