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NERO FIDDLED & OBAMA GOLFS: Obama Goes Golfing As Iraq Descends into Chaos

If Obama truly is aloof and indifferent to the catastrophic events in Iraq, you’d think he would have enough political sense to at least appear like he’s engaged with what’s going down, but alas … nah.

President Barack Obama spent last weekend on the golf course and on vacation in Palm Springs, California while his National Security team took charge of monitoring the increasing unrest in Iraq, it was revealed on Monday.

According to reports filed by journalists on the trip of the president’s comings and goings, President Barack Obama spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday at exclusive resorts playing golf with White House aides.

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and her team were tasked with coming up with a plan to stop al Qaeda linked terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from overtaking Baghadad.

Some U.S. embassy workers were also evacuated from Iraq on Sunday while the president was out golfing.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest assured reporters in a series of statements over the weekend that president Obama was calling Rice every evening and every morning during his trip to get an update on the ongoing bloodshed in a Iraq and the measures the U.S. could take to counter the Islamic extremist group’s violent ascension to power.

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