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‘NOBODY ON BOARD WOULD’VE KNOWN WHAT HAPPENED’: Expert Describes Effect of Missile On MH17

Experts are saying that the passengers on board the Malaysian Jet plane that was downed over the Ukraine would not have noticed and that they would have been unconscious within a split second. See below…

The 298 passengers and crew aboard MH17 will have been oblivious to the horror as a shrapnel-based missile instantly shredded the doomed plane, experts claim.

The SA-11 missile – known as a Grizzly – that hit the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight is designed to pulverise aircraft on impact.

It will have perforated the plane at various points, ignited the fuel, and taken out the engines and the wings within a split second – meaning the people aboard will have been unconscious almost instantly.

The surface-to-air missile hit the Boeing 777 with such force that residents in the area claim to have seen bodies falling from the sky ‘like rags’.

Justin Bronk, researcher analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), told MailOnline: ‘An SA-11 missile is designed to shred aircraft.

‘The extent at which the remains of the aircraft are spread across a large area seems to confirm that.


‘Almost nobody on board would have known what was happening. If not instantly, they will have been unconscious within split seconds.’

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