THEY’RE NOT MONSTERS: Photo Project Show Pit Bulls Are ‘Just Dogs’

Published on July 31, 2014

Pitbulls tend to get a bad reputation among people. This photographer decided to do something about that after she adopted her first Pitbull. Check it out…

In 2000, when photographer Jenny Persing moved to Seattle from her native Cincinnati, she’d never even met a pit bull. And with people at every turn telling her to be careful, it was hard not to be wary of them. But in 2006 she adopted her own pit bull, Rain, and began to meet many other inspiring people and pets.

“By the time I met Rain, I knew that pit bulls didn’t deserve their reputation,” Persing told The Huffington Post. “I’d had some dog-walking clients that owned pit bulls, and had started my learning process through them.”

“When you don’t know the first thing” about pit bulls, she added, the perception that they’re dangerous animals is “hard not to believe … It takes personal experience to get past it.”

Since starting the Just Dogs Project, a collection of photos and stories from owners of pit bull-type dogs in the Seattle area, Persing has had no shortage of personal experience with the canines. To Persing, Rain has been an inspiration for art, advocacy and community building. Since June 2013, Persing has been collecting and showcasing stories of the love shared between these supposedly “dangerous” dogs and their owners.

See the Photo Porject at Huffington Post


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