‘AMERICA IS COMING TO HELP’: Obama Authorizes Airstrikes In Iraq

Looks like Obama has finally decided to act on ISIS slaughtering the hundreds of thousands of people in northern Iraq that are not Muslim. See below…

Barack Obama today authorized US airstrikes in northern Iraq to defend hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims being hunted down and slaughtered by ISIS hoards as he declared: ‘America is coming to help.’

His dramatic call to arms came as the chaos engulfing Iraq escalated rapidly last night with a re-energised Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant storming towns in the north, executing villagers and chasing thousands from their homes into the desert.

Already dozens of Yazidis – who ISIS have denounced as devil-worshippers because of their ancient set of beliefs which predate Christianity and Islam – have been murdered as the extremist fighters overran the town of Sinjar.
Tens of thousands of terrified Yazidis have sought refuge from the bloodshed in the surrounding mountains. But there they face another killer: searing desert heat and the constant threat of starvation. Many have already died of hunger and thirst as they struggle to survive on just the food they could carry in temperatures exceeding 42C.

Photographs have emerged of Yazidi men carrying the bodies of dozens of young children apparently killed by ISIS militants, who in turn have posted pictures online of themselves posing next to dead Yazidi men.

The dead men’s wives were reportedly kept as trophies to be gifted to unmarried jihadist fighters.

In a televised late-night statement from the White House, Mr Obama said American warplanes had already carried out airdrops of food and water to the Iraqi Yazidis hiding in the mountains.

‘Today America is coming to help,’ he declared, adding: ‘The United States cannot and should not intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world.

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