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BUSTED: ‘Humane Society’ Loses Charity Rating

Uh oh. Looks like that good ‘ole charity so many people love is actually not what they thought. Check it out…

Earlier in July, word got out that America’s non-profit media darling, the Humane Society of the United States, ran into a bit of bad luck. And when we say bad luck, we mean they finally got what was coming to them. Their fingerprints were all over the movie Blackfish and they’re currently leading the smear campaign against aquariums to raise money for their own selfish interests.

When you think of the HSUS you automatically think of the saintly organization that operates shelters nationwide and saves hundreds of thousands of animals, the organization that stands up for the adorable and abused animals in TV commercials, and above all you probably believe this is the organization that big-hearted animal lovers should donate to. Right?

Wrong. All those associations are complete crap.

The HSUS has historically bragged about their 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, one of the most trust-worthy charity evaluators in the game. Recently, they were downgraded to a 3-star rating and now their rating has been completely revoked, a “Donor Advisory” warning taking its place.

The deceiving game of bait-and-switch has been played for years, with the HSUS inviting misplaced associations between themselves and local animal shelters (sometimes called Humane Societies). To put this in perspective, let’s break down what this despicable organization did to motivate you to reach for your wallet and fork over millions of dollars to a corrupt “charity”.

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