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CHRISTIAN SLAUGHTER: ISIS ‘Kills 300 MORE Yazidi Men And Kidnap Their Families For Refusing Islam’

ISIS continues in the massacre of the Yazidi people. The religion of peace gently seeks out new members with their method of “Convert of Die”. See below…

Islamic State militants today ‘massacred’ more than 300 Yazidi men – just one day after allegedly killing 82 others who refused to convert to Islam.

The insurgents stormed into the small village of Kocho in northern Iraq, where they spent five days trying to persuade villagers to take up their religion, local officials said.

When they refused, 82 male members of the ancient sect were reportedly rounded up and shot dead yesterday, while more than 100 women and girls were kidnapped.

And today, a further 312 Yazidis were allegedly murdered and their families abducted.

The terrified relatives were taken to the ISIS-controlled city of Tal Afar, near Mosul, a senior member of the Ministry of Peshmerga, in the Kurdish-controlled region of Iraq, told Sky News

This afternoon, Yazidi fighter Mohsen Tawwal told AFP via phone that he had seen hundreds of bodies sprawled across the ground after entering the village, around 12 miles south of Sinjar.

‘We made it into a part of Kocho village, where residents were under siege, but we were too late,’ he said.
‘There were corpses everywhere. We only managed to get two people out alive. The rest had all been killed.’

Read more: Daily Mail

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