KILL SHOTS CAPTURED: FBI Handed Audio Of Darren Wilson Dumping His Gun’s Magazine Into Michael Brown

Published on August 26, 2014

New audio has been released that contains the gun shots that killed Michael Brown. Check it out…

The FBI has been handed a potentially crucial recording that allegedly contains audio of the moment that Officer Darren Wilson opened fire and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this month.

Revealed by CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday, at least ten shots are heard to ring out during the background of the recording, with a brief but significant pause between the first seven shots and the last volley of four.

The unidentified man who has given the unverified tape to authorities claims to have coincidentally recorded the fatal shots that killed Brown in broad daylight on August 9, and experts who have listened to the audio have said it could prove damning for Officer Wilson.

‘There sounds like a pause in it (the audio). And when you hear that pause it brings some concern,’ said retired Chief Deputy US Marshall Matthew Fog after listening on CNN.

‘It is very significant, because if you have a pause there it means somebody had time to think and then fire again.’

In the audio, the unidentified man is heard telling someone, ‘You’re so pretty’ then 11 gunshots can be heard to cackle in the background — seven in one volley, followed a pause and then a final burst of four.

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