‘THE POLICE ARE INCITING VIOLENCE’: Michael Brown’s Family Admit He Robbed Store But Condemn Releasing Video Of Robbery

Family members of Michael Brown are claiming that the video footage of the armed robbery that Michael was involved in was ‘denigrating their son’. See below…

The Brown family said today the police were ‘inciting violence all over again’ by releasing images of a convenience store robbery which they acknowledged ‘appeared to be’ Michael Brown.

After releasing the tape on Friday, police admitted that Officer Darren Wilson didn’t know Michael Brown was a suspect in a robbery when he stopped the teen and subsequently shot him dead in Ferguson last Saturday.

Attorney Anthony Gray, a lawyer for the family, said that the release of the tape was a ‘strategic side show’ aimed at ‘denigrating their son’.

When asked about the police’s timing of releasing the robbery video along with the name of Officer Wilson today, the police chief said he did so because ‘you asked for it’ – referring to Freedom of Information requests from the media regarding the shooting. He added that he had ‘sat on the video for as long as he could’.

Eric Davis spoke to the media, on behalf of his cousin, Michael’s mother, Lesley McSpadden. Mr Davis said the release of the store robbery video tape was ‘smoke and mirrors’.

He added: ‘Whatever took place in the grocery store does not reflect what happened on Canfield [the street where Brown was shot dead].’

He asked for support from the community but once again reiterated the family’s wish that there be no violence.
Brown’s grieving family reacted with fury after police announced the dead teen was the ‘primary suspect’ in a convenience store robbery.

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