RELIGION OF PEACE: ISIS Teaches Their Kids To Decapitate The Infidels

Published on August 24, 2014

Maybe it’s time for us to teach our kids ‘Cowboys & Muslims’. Check this out…

A masked child has ‘re-enacted’ James Foley’s murder in disturbing images which show the youngster beheading a doll in an orange jumpsuit.

The photos were posted online by a supporter of the Islamic State terror group and came with the chilling message: ‘Teach your children to cut necks, tomorrow there will be a lot of rotten heads’.

Along with the photographs, which also show the doll after it has been beheaded, the Time for the Caliphate account circulated graphic images of the U.S. journalist’s murder to its 3,500 followers.

It comes amid growing concerns over disaffected or vulnerable children being radicalised through social media as major networks including Twitter and Youtube vow to halt the spread of extremist propaganda.

The sick child ‘execution’ images mirrored the murder of James Foley, with the unknown child holding a knife and dressed all in black including a balaclava.

In the main image, the child holds the blond doll by its hair while standing in front of the black flag which has become the symbol of the terror group. In the second, the doll is decapitated on the floor.

The photographs add to concerns that children are being radicalised with the help of the persuasive power of social media.

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