‘I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THESE WORTHLESS PIECES OF SH*T ARE DEAD’: Mom Vows Vengeance On Illegals Who Killed Her Off Duty Border Patrol Son

Published on August 8, 2014

This is another example of the real effects of illegal immigration on Americans. This off-duty border patrol agent was shot in front of his mother, wife, and children by illegal immigrants who had already been deported six times before. See below…

A mother who watched her cop son gunned down in front of her, his wife and his children allegedly at the hands of two illegal immigrants has vowed not to rest until his ‘worthless piece of s**t’ killers are dead.’

Heartbroken Marie Vega was on a family fishing trip with her husband Javier, son Javier Jr., his wife Paola and their three children when they were ambushed by two armed Mexican illegal immigrants who have been deported SIX times before in total.

Javier Jr and his father bravely tried to fight them off, but the off-duty Border Patrol Agent was fatally shot in the chest and Javier Sr was blasted in the hip.

Mexican nationals Gustavo Tijernia, 30 and Ismael Hernandez, 40 fled the scene and were arrested hours later after a huge man hunt.

The ruthless killing has again highlighted the border crisis plaguing the Obama administration which is struggling to contain a huge wave of illegal immigration across the border with Mexico which has stretched authorities to breaking point this year.

On Tuesday devastated Marie posted an emotionally charged message on her Facebook page alongside a picture of her beloved son.

Marie, who works as a photographer, wrote: ‘My sweet sweet baby. I failed you oh sweet child of mine. I was supposed to protect you and keep you safe. I failed to save your life. I wish a million times I had died and not you. You are my life, my heart was ripped out when I lost you. I will not rest until these worthless pieces of s*** are dead.’

Hundreds of law enforcement officers turned out for Javier Vega’s mass, held at St. Francis Xavier Church in La Feria on Thursday. The car lot was packed with State Trooper Vehicles, local police cars and SUV’s from Javier’s colleagues in The Border Patrol.

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