GOOD IDEA: Angry Mob Tosses Ukrainian Politician Into the Trash

I wish we would handle our politicians the way the Ukrainians do. Check this out…

This is the moment a controversial Ukrainian MP was unceremoniously thrown into a wheelie bin and pelted with rubbish after being targeted by an angry mob.

Vitaly Zhuravsky, once a member of former President Viktor Yanukovich’s ruling party, was seized as he walked past crowds outside the parliament building in Kiev this morning.

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Footage shows a group of men screaming abuse as they grab Zhuravsky and bundle him head first into the half full bin.

As he struggles to escape, one of the mob holds him down by the head while others throw water and rubbish over him.

As Zhuravsky appeals for calm, a car tyre is thrown at him hitting him on the head.

Read more: Daily Mail

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